Ritesh Kaul

Core Team

The man with a heart of gold, Ritesh Kaul, is one of the core elements of Swastik’s consistency in top-notch performances. Being the Head of Operations, he bridges the deadly gap between the creatives and production team. Irrespective of the complexity and spontaneity of the requirements, Ritesh excels in pulling strings together to get the job in a desirable fashion.

During his 9 years at Swastik Productions, any individual that approaches him with a problem, leaves with a satisfactory and effective solution. Despite juggling multiple production managers, Ritesh supervises and contributes to production at an advanced level. Besides, his perspective on commercials, operations, and execution, makes him a significantly important member of the company.

Ritesh has a tendency to exploit the very depths of his creativity and stimulate content to a whole new level. After 14 years of rocking the aviation industry, he took a leap into the M&E universe by joining hands with Swastik Productions. The stark resemblance of his navigation prowess reflects in his personality and everyday demeanor with the Swastik team. Most importantly, his capacity to bring synchronicity amongst each contributor at Swastik is infinite!